What Ever Happened to Those Mossimo V-Necks?

So you're walking through Target and you spot a shirt for $9. It's cheap so you don't think anything of it. You don't normally wear v-necks but it says "Athletic", and you're athletic aren't you? So you grab it.

Fast forward 10 years and without even realizing it, it's become your favorite shirt. It's light enough to be comfortable in summer but it also goes well with any other layer or jacket to be comfortable in winter. It still holds up. However when you want to go get more, they're nowhere to be found. You found out they stopped selling it for some unknown reason. WTH? 

So you try some other ones but the V-Neck is too deep and looks weird. Or the body is too baggy or the sleeves are too tight. No one gets it quite right.

That's where we come in.  The simple, light t-shirt is comfortable enough to be worn on its own, or even as an undershirt if it gets cold out. The neck isn't too deep and the body is snug and not baggy. However unlike Mossimo which used 40% Polyester, I cut out all the polyester and used the best cotton in the world - Peruvian Pima. This is even better for the environment and breathes better than polyester. The fabric pools in your hands as your touch it and feels crisp and tingly as you put it on. Try one - I'm sure you'll love it.