Origin Story

Æthelthread was founded in San Francisco, California in 2023. Frustrated by discontinued vintage styles, poorly fitting "premium" brands, itchy tags, and low quality materials, we wanted to revive the timeless quality of clothes that men enjoyed in the past. We agonized over every millimeter and thread to fit you perfectly.

Æthel comes from the adjective æþele which means ‘noble’ in Old English. It is with this name that we intended to invoke a sense of nostalgia, nobility, and royal treatment that men deserve.


All of our designs start locally in our San Francisco & New York studios. We go through multiple revisions and fitting on live models to ensure all of your clothes feel amazing. 


We selected a variety of factories and suppliers around the world including Peru, China, UK, Bangladesh, and even right here in the USA. All of our suppliers meet international standards of ethical worker conditions and environmental regulations.