Origin Story

Æthelthread was founded in San Francisco, California in 2023, by me, Josh!

I was really frustrated that some of my favorite clothes were discontinued by major brands for no reason. Or sometimes, I had clothes that were so close to being perfect but missed one little detail that ruined the whole thing. I just wanted common sense clothes without being scammed on the price!

I took sewing classes, design classes, and manufacturing classes to see how I could do it myself. It turns out, you can't make clothes by yourself!  So I started searching for some really talented people to help me along the way. I contacted some brilliant seamsters, pattern makers, pattern graders, fabric mills, and production managers to help me make the first items. This actually took over a year, with a lot of mistakes and dead ends along the way. 

Then I found some sewing factories and suppliers from around the world including Peru, Bangladesh, UK, China, and USA. I made sure they were ethical and could make your clothes at a good price.